General Practice Plus has launched a new campaign called ‘Don’t delay your GP visit’.

We are saying to all our current and future patients: it is important to look after your health so don’t delay your GP visit because of COVID-19. 

General Practice Plus is offering Telehealth appointments to all patients.

If you need to come in for an in-person appointment, all our clinics are open and safe to visit. And visiting your GP is allowed under the current rules.  

Our campaign is in response to a dramatic 43% decline in in-clinic patient appointments across our five clinics in Hobart and Kingston as a result of COVID-19.

That’s why we’re saying: Don’t delay your GP visit.

What is the issue?

Not receiving treatment for your pre-existing or emerging medical conditions at this time could have major consequences for your health.

And any big increase in delayed diagnosis and treatment could also overwhelm the healthcare system once the pandemic is over.

What should I do?

You should seek help for all your current and new medical needs, as you normally would. 

Whether you have a chronic condition, require ongoing treatment or have new health issues, it is vital to stay on top of your medical concerns so that they do not get worse. 

Do not ignore symptoms. Do not delay your visit to General Practice Plus.

How will I be seen? 

If you are experiencing symptoms that are worrying you, please book a Telehealth appointment with General Practice Plus.

Book an appointment

You can call us but be aware that we are getting lots of calls so it might be hard to get through. 

During your Telehealth appointment your doctor will help you decide if you need additional care now or you can wait.

If an in-person visit is needed, our clinics are taking health precautions to screen patients before they come in to protect patients and staff from COVID-19.

What safety measures are in place?

All General Practice Plus clinics are taking strong measures to ensure your safety at this time.

  • We are screening all patients before they come in
  • All our clinics are regularly cleaned
  • Surfaces are wiped down frequently
  • Social distancing and separation measures are in place all the time
  • Chairs are spaced 1.5m apart in waiting rooms
  • Magazines and communal toys have been removed 

It is safe to visit a General Practice Plus clinic.  

Is it allowed to come in for an appointment?

Yes. it is allowed to leave home to get medical care, including from your GP.

You can go and see a doctor. It is OK under the rules. Do not delay your GP visit.

Book an appointment